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My Priorities

Listening to the needs of Ward 1 residents and business owners and working together to develop solutions to improve Barrie.

Reduce Taxes

Taxes are too high and the level of services received too low. We need better value for our tax dollar.

Improvements to Roads

Roads in Barrie need a lot of repair especially in Ward 1. Poor roads discourage new industrial & commercial investments which reduces economic opportunity.

Increase Student Accommodation

Georgian College should build more student housing to reduce the impact on the surrounding single family area.

Protect our Neighbourhoods

Redevelopment and infill development needs to respect the existing community.

Economic Development

The City needs to encourage economic development so that we have greater opportunities for employment locally.

Bike Routes

Bike routes need to be improved and extended.

“Clare works tirelessly and persistently on issues for the good of Ward 1 and the city of Barrie overall. As the lead on many committees, groups and issues, Clare consistently demonstrates a very thoughtful approach that keeps the best for his constituents in mind. I’m happy to vote for Clare Riepma for Ward 1.” Scott Boyer


Improvement is needed to complement the waterfront and improve the economy.


Better environmental design is needed. Look at reducing road widths, increasing and naturalizing green spaces, protecting sensitive environments, encouraging energy conservation, etc.

Improve Support for People and Businesses

Supportive services for people in need and economic encouragement for downtown businesses.

“I have been very pleased with how Clare has represented Ward 1 and how he represents the marginalized communities in and around the city.” Ryan Cardwell

Better for Barrie

“We appreciate Clare’s insight, tenacity and leadership in protecting our neighbourhoods.” Clint Tyler, Co-ordinator Ward 1 Resident’s Association

Achieved over the last 4 years:

“Through his extensive experience in municipal matters and his listening ear, I have watched Clare bring a solid understanding to the issues that matter to Ward 1 residents. He approaches problems with sensibility, practicality and compassion. I am eager to see him bring his persuasive and amicable nature back yo city Council for a second term.” Sarah Uffelmann

Looking Ahead

“Clare is there when you need him, he understands the big picture as well as understands the details to make informed decisions.” Catherine Mercer