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I’m Clare Riepma.

Your Candidate for Ward 1 Councilor.

My philosophy has been and always will be set around bringing people together to bring about positive change by working with everyone around me to improve our lives and the lives of future generations to come. Potential is all around us and listening to your concerns will help me to lead us towards the change that we want to see. I can assure you that we will help to make Barrie into the city that we all know it can be.


  • Making Barrie an even better place to live.
  • Running the City in a more businesslike way.
  • More local jobs for people.
  • An improved local economy.
  • More bang for your tax buck.
  • Drastically needed road improvements.
  • Protection of our natural environment.
  • Reduced energy usage and increased sustainability.
  • A more attractive Downtown core.
  • Improved waterfront development.
  • Greater support for Downtown business owners.